Earn money with live streaming and enjoy the freedom that comes with it.
Create your digital live concert the way you want.

Earn more money

Get more reach

Enjoy more creativity

What is Spect8 LIVE?

Spect8 LIVE is a ticket-based streaming platform. Viewers pay for each concert they attend virtually. In addition, Spect8 LIVE offers an extensive portfolio to grow and engage your community to make your concert an unforgettable interactive experience.

Ticket-based streaming platform

GDPR compliant

Cooperation with GEMA

Your benefits with Spect8 LIVE

1. Earn more money

As an artist, you profit from every ticket sold.
In addition, you can earn money with live streaming through a merchandise store. The use of Spect8 LIVE is free of charge.

2. Get more reach

Concerts – anytime, anywhere. Entertain all your fans in your digital concert hall. Everyone in the front row celebrates with you.
Broad fan base – in addition to your own fans, other viewers will also become aware of your concert through other live events. This way your community grows with every concert.

3. Enjoy more creativity

Real concert feeling – and all live. Get direct feedback from your fans through polls and exchange ideas with them in the chat. Be your own host – you decide what you want to show, how, and when.

So that artists do what they love

Your benefits as GEMA member

Made simple

Another focus, besides functionality and security, are the license fees that have to be paid to GEMA. Through active and constant communication between GEMA and vAudience, connections and automations can be created that make the payment of license fees simple, fast and correct. In addition, GEMA members receive more shares per sold ticket / digital item through special conditions.

Manage set lists

Set lists can be entered and managed directly on the platform.
All conditions are automatically taken into account during billing.

Automated licensing

Licensing for artists is child’s play thanks to the existing cooperation between GEMA and vAudience. Since the set lists can be managed directly on the platform, licensing takes place automatically.

Special conditions

All confirmed GEMA members receive special conditions such as higher shares of tickets and digital goods, access to the set list feature, the ability to link song lyrics, streaming setup support, exclusive early access and much more.


Spect8 LIVE helps you onboard and set up your stream through online webinars and tutorials. From registration to livestream to usage notification, we’re here for you. Sign up to secure your spot in a webinar and we show you how you can earn money with live streaming.

Ready to get started? 

We can’t wait to see your performance on Spect8 LIVE! Make sure you check out to learn more about how to stream on Spect8 LIVE. We’ll explain what’s important and what to keep in mind when setting up your stream.