The ticket-based live streaming platform

Spect8 LIVE is a ticket-based live streaming platform that offers a wide-ranging portfolio to grow and engage your community and make your concert an unforgettable interactive experience.


You can easily enjoy your favorite events via your internet browser – 
whether Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.


Communicate with your friends and favorite artists, take part in polls, sing along to lyrics or buy the perfect fan shirt in the merchandise shop directly in the stream.


Purchase a ticket to your favorite event. By doing so, you support your artist and help them create even better content.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Spect8 LIVE is a ticket-based streaming platform. The viewers pay for each concert they attend and have full control over their spendings, without having to pay a monthly fee or subscription.
Unlike other pay-to-view platforms, Spect8 LIVE adds a next-generation live chat and an interactive on-demand side panel to the user’s view

Spect8 LIVE is a community-driven streaming platform. You can watch any event that matches your age rating.

The Spect8 LIVE platform is free of charge. If you want to watch an event, you purchase a ticket for that event. The cost may vary from event to event. The share for artists depends mainly on the ticket price and the number of users. For more information about the pricing, feel free to contact us via email:

You can buy a ticket by credit card. The payout processes for the creator are handled through a Stripe account.

Spect8 LIVE is a web-based streaming platform supported by all major internet browsers. You do not need to download any application.

After you have logged in, you can apply to be a creator. You can do this in your profile settings. Clicking the “Upgrade” button will redirect you to the onboarding process of Stripe – our payment provider partner.